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Tavolara Diving was born in 1985, aware that this Sardinian corner and the marine protected area of Tavolara and Capo Coda Cavallo represent an extraordinary anomaly in the panorama of Sardinian and Mediterranean coasts. From over 30 years we have been following the underwater tourism market, its trends and the needs of an always different audience, in order to adapt our work to the new generations of diving enthusiasts, with the aim of improving the quality of our services by choosing training programs that are coherent with our working philosophy and more stimulating in the pursue of an improvement of aquatic techniques and abilities, in the respect for environment and total safety. Our centre features big areas with the aim of creating a comfortable and familiar atmosphere, equipped with locker rooms, hot showers, equipment storage, rinsing and drying area, separate technical rooms and reception with free Wi-Fi. 9 and 12 meters fibreglass boats.

Our services
Guided dives in the marine protected area of Tavolara
Technical diving in O/C and CCR
Diving school
Experience programs
Equipment rental & reparation
Scuba tanks refill – nitrox, trimix and O2 fills
Underwater holidays for groups, schools and clubs

How to reach us
Via Molara, 4-6 – Porto San Paolo (OT)
Take Viale Pietro Nenni until the end, then the second-to-last street on the right passing by the Hotel Castello di Tavolara.

Contact us
Phone: +39 3408392154 or +39 078940360

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