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  • Sardegna DOC bambole abiti sardi

This shop enhances the Sardinian identity, ranging from food, in all its forms, to artistic craftsmanship with true art tips, trying not to overlook any expression. Founded in 1999 after a long research work, both cultural and historical, Sardegna Doc tries to present the best productions of the whole island.
Composed of two communicating rooms, one dedicated to food (organic whole salts, saffron, wine, oil, honey, jams, liqueurs, sweets) the other to the best Sardinian craftsmanship, with all the big names in the art of ceramics (Farci, Sciannella, Palomba, Demurtas, Terra Pintada, Sanna etc.), to musical instruments, puppets and books.
We perform work on order and are organized to ship in Italy and abroad.

Tel +39 0789 480035
Tel +39 347 1846286

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