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Our service-sector firm operates in the field of public and private, civil and industrial environmental hygiene. We work to improve the hygiene sanitary level of the places we live in: urban areas, natural habitats, rural areas, green areas, every kind of building’s exteriors and interiors, and means of transport such as boats, trains, airplanes, busses, etc.

What we mean by pest control:

Monitoring on weed and pest species and degree and on weather conditions;

Weed and pest identification;

Creation of a “Fight program”;

Prevention measures in order to reduce the causes of pest development (prevention helps us avoid an emergency response that would imply a sanitary danger and a reputation damage, as well as unexpected expenses);

Practical verification and evaluation of the results.

We use high-quality products that are authorized by the Ministero della Sanità.

Our procedures ensure an excellent result respecting the environment and in compliance with the current regulations: D.lgs. 626 and H.A.C.C.P. approach.

We offer free inspections and quotes.

Our services

Larval and adult stage pest control against flying and crawling insects

Cockroach control

Disinfection – ozone sanitation

Rat control

Automated pest monitoring

Ant control

Civil-industrial weeding

Plant health treatments

Anti-woodworm (MA.BI system)

How to reach us

Via L’Alzolu, 23 – località Azzanì – Loiri Porto San Paolo (OT)

Contact us

Phone: 3496192726


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